5 Best Live George Harrison Performances

Article originally published in November 2017.

November 29th marks sixteen long years since the world lost George Harrison, and to celebrate his life, we compiled five of his best live performances.

5. 1987: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Harrison performed this classic Beatle hit with friend Eric Clapton at a concert for The Prince's Trust, a charity for young people in the United Kingdom. 

4. 1991: "Cheer Down"

Harrison wrote this song for Lethal Weapon 2, with lyrics inspired by his wife Olivia who used to tell him to "cheer down" when he became overly excited. This performance was one of twelve he did with Eric Clapton in Japan. 

3. 1992: "Got My Mind Set On You"

Though the video quality isn't terrific, this recording of "Got My Mind Set On You" in London showcases Harrison's incredible stage presence and vocal ability.

2. 1976: "Here Comes the Sun"

Though this video is just audio from the performance, it is taken from a joint musical appearance Harrison did with Paul Simon on Saturday Night Live in 1976. 

1. 1971: "My Sweet Lord"

This song is perhaps Harrison's most poetic and this video was recorded at, arguably, his most famous concert. Harrison organized The Concert for Bangladesh with Ravi Shankar in August of 1971 at Madison Square Garden. He performed the concert twice that day to raise awareness and fund efforts for refugees from East Pakistan.